As because even from the year of 1986, when I was a kid, English  was my hobby I’d got it in point of fact as by the way. When I ascertained me wanted to know everything about English grammar at my 23, I’d followed at language school for advanced, where they had poured it on to us, as native speakers so professors of linguistics of English, whole the year and all the day long, everything that have a man with a fervour and an axe to grind could ever wanted from people who they shared the same enthusiasm.

    I have fortune I could learned more profound the language of Czech thanks to my grandparents who they were teachers. Through my life I'd got opportunity found small firm and manufacture, work on machine tools and laser, slog away on the land and constructions abroad, but even play music instrument and get to know two languages (English and Spanish). Abilities of arts come up to me even get  to know how to do crafts as typographic lay-out and typesetting, what is that I would like to offer, too.


After a time I found me, I want being a freelance even over I have no references. Translation of this website is only one of my work you could have a sight in about how I do it.


Naturally I follow my work on education as English of justice, certification in English (C1) etc.


This web I created for you within limits of minimalism, and by option ability of an application within the framework of my webhosting service to find the best of your bearings in everything what could be essential for you. It was targeted on a presentation made by independent, which is made easy to read and clear arranged to you. I left from majority of web movements as it wouldn’t be full of pointlessness as the site About me. It is a little antediluvian approach, but… There’s a beauty in simplicity.


I’m a man who works on long-term relations. I’ll be glad to make a deal with you.

Překlad je otisk originálu jako odraz ve vodě.
Two diverse entities follow the same target
Morning lake (Carphatians)