Indian nose (Carphatians), giant roky wall
Huge waterfall pictured so as it would been watched like small rivulet.

My offer is long-term cooperation, which you could benefit from trust, insight into a scene and overall specifications that are in case of need to create proper translations. Cooperation offers asset that more people than you are obliged to wouldn't have seen your documentation.


My objective is technical documentation - I do even any other scripts in coherence with all the occurence, manuals, of course the web etc. Subjects, which I do translate, you can find at bottom of the site. The best way to gather all you need to know is being in touch with me.


The translation embraces localization, transcreation, notarization if appropriate or Apostille and eventually Superlegalization. These legal transactions I can mediate only within Czech Republic. In case you couldn't understand all the words, visit the site Terms.



You can choose within subsequent service I offer down here:


  • Translation from English to Czech
  • Translation from Czech to English
  • Translation of technical documentation (e.g.: drawings, methods, manuals ...)
  • Fix up all the process of notarization in Czech Republic
  • Mediation of validity to documentations
  • Graphic design and typographic lay-out of text

I have acquired piece of experiences in my life thanks to which I found myself in subjects subsequent down here:


  • Mechanical engineering and industry
  • Economics and politics
  • Commerce and stock exchange
  • Environmental
  • Crafts
  • Arts and music
  • Social issue